‘Blind Spot’: The 10 best episodes according to IMDb

‘Blind Spot’: The 10 best episodes according to IMDb

The fourth season of () has just arrived at Netflix and it is currently one of the most watched series on the platform. Thinking about it, we list here the 10 best episodes of , according to the IMDb (Internet Movie Database).

The 10 Best Blind Spot Episodes

10th The Chosen (Temp. 2 – Ep. 22)


Note: 8.4.

Kurt begins to unravel the mysteries and realizes that phase Two is not over yet. He works with Keaton to alert the team and stop Shepherd’s plans.

9th Mama’s Pride (Temp. 3 – Ep. 17)

netflix blind spot

Note: 8.4.

On a risky mission, the team uses Avery’s contacts to infiltrate a gala dinner and arrest Crawford.

8th Instrument of Evil (Temp. 1 – Ep. 10)

fourth blind spot season

Note: 8.5.

The team dismantles a Russian spy cell. Carter kidnaps and tortures Jane to force her to remember a part of her past.

7th Night of the Rescued Traitor (Temp. 2 – Ep. 1)

blind spot fourth season

Note: 8.5.

When Jane escapes from a CIA prison in Oregon, the team discovers that she may be linked to a terrorist group known as Sandstorm.

6th Secrets Exposed (Temp. 3 – Ep. 8)

blindspot season 4

Note: 8.5.

When Rich discovers a framework to frame Patterson in a murder, the team does everything to protect and defeat the enemy.

5º If you love a rebel, you will die (Temp. 1 – Ep. 22)

netflix blind spot

Note: 8.5.

The team seeks a group of scientists who are creating babies on demand. Mayfair escapes and Kurt’s father reveals a secret.

4th Why Wait for the End of Life (Temp. 1 – Ep. 23)

blindspot netflix

Score: 8.6.

Kurt tries to prove that his father was telling the truth. Meanwhile, Jane begins to remember Oscar in disturbing detail.

3rd Decisive Moments (Temp. 2 – Ep. 9)

blind spot jane

Note: 8.6.

Jane risks being discovered when she suspects that Sandstorm is preparing to launch a major attack on the power grid.

2nd In Memory (Temp. 3 – Ep. 22)

Jane's brother in blind spot

Note: 8.6.

Jane follows Roman to South Africa, where it all started. For the team, the case is almost over and the Wellers are already thinking about the future.

1st Mother (Temp. 2 – Ep. 21)

mother of Jane Sandstorm Blind Spot

Note: 8.7.

Kurt and Jane find evidence that Sandstorm is planning an impending attack on the New York office. Reade applies for a position in Quantico.