Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist | 1 × 12 – Zoey’s Extraordinary Dad [Season Finale]

 Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist |  1 × 12 - Zoey's Extraordinary Dad [Season Finale]

And after 12 episodes we reach the end of the 1st season of Zoey’s Extraordinady Playlist and this last episode was just delicious. It was exciting, fun, and made me hopeful that the series will be renewed for a new year.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Joan ran away from the entire episode of SPRQPoint owner Danny, and even asked Zoey to fix it, but what she didn’t know is that the boy wanted to give her the leadership of the entire company, as he is being investigated. It can be a very interesting change for her and at the same time gives space for Lauren Graham open space.

As for loves, Zoey and Max finally get along a little while he understands the situation of the triangle that rolls over there, and Simon ends up getting involved in all of this. Jealousy and love should go on, but they need to talk a lot, and Zoey needs to mature, only for now she is focused on losing her father.

David, Emily, Maggie and even Howie, are very moved, and to miss Mitch, and the way all this is built and how beautiful the song enters the voice of the heart that she hears. It was a light passage and it brought tears to me. The funeral was also full of meaning and Zoey’s Extraordinady Playlist once again leaves us enchanted by the reaction of all the characters.

Mo and his love for Eddie was suffocating her, since she didn’t want to assume that his absence was consuming her. When she finally decided to give in, her heart opened and she started to shine again.

Zoey’s Extraordinady Playlist it ends a round season, full of affection and many songs, and the way the series has transformed over the course of that journey has been delicious. There were problems, some moments that didn’t need to fit together and the development of the love triangle that was kind of unsalted in a moment, but in the total balance, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist it’s a good series to keep an eye on.