Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist | 1 × 11 – Zoey’s Extraordinary Mother

 Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist |  1 × 11 - Zoey's Extraordinary Mother

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist brings the mourning of a mother, a wife and a woman who has always loved her husband, the companion. The series knew how to approach it in such a delicious and sensitive way and still put Maggie next to a new friend to help her overcome it.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Zoey had to hold on a lot, she stayed by David and had to choose a place to bury her father, but the mother didn’t want to think about it, she kept extending it, creating obstacles and everything. Everything just made Zoey’s mind clear when she met Deb, a woman who lost her 38-year-old partner, she is the one who talks to Maggie and opens her mind a little.

And as things went, Zoey hoped that her relationship with Max would settle down, and they even managed to have a good chat after she listened to her heart singing “Bye Bye Bye” for her. I think the two should work things out better in the next episode…

And Leif is the one who starts leaking information to Tobin as a way to help Joan beat Ava, but that ended up bringing the two together to try to deliver a quality product and stop this war between women, especially the two being the only female managers in the SPRQ Point.

The upset that surprised me most was Ava’s conversation with Max shortly after he settled with Zoey. Ava made it clear that she knows that Max covered up Leif and so she couldn’t have him on the team anymore… Max fired !!!

Now, Mo was wonderful !!! Her heart is desperate because Eddie has been called to go to work and they will need to date at a distance, only she is not prepared for it. She then breaks up with him hurting himself, and when Zoey goes to talk to her that her heart doesn’t want that, MO makes it clear that she won’t have this conversation with her because she hasn’t settled with Max.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist continues to involve me in all its plots and making me fall in love with each of the characters. I am already suffering from anxiety over Mitch’s fate.