Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist | 1 × 09 – Zoey’s Extraordinary Silence

 Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist |  1 × 09 - Zoey's Extraordinary Silence

After the moment of complications for Zoey, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist he decides to start untying the knots that the character has created so far, in addition to developing new characters, like Howie, Mitch’s nurse.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

First we had Emily and David finally getting along after complications in the relationship and the lack of communication between them. Zoey listening to her sing “Buttons“, From Pussycat Dolls, wanting her brother to interact more with her, to be more active in the relationship, it was too much. At least the two got lighter again.

So we have “The Sound of Silence“, in Simon & Garfunkel, leaving Howie’s heart and supported by Mitch, who guides his daughter to resolve the relationship between her friend and her daughter, Abigail.

Howie’s point is overprotection with children, who is hearing impaired but completely independent, something he has always dreamed of for her, but he doesn’t want to let her go to Kenya to take a project she has developed. The two then live on a war footing for this. And it is up to Zoey to open his eyes so that their relationship will flourish again.

And she also needed to put Simon against the wall about how he feels about her, and even Mo opens his eyes to how he’s connected to Zoey, but he doesn’t let go of Jessica. Simon was pressed on all sides. The question is how he will deal with the bride and “Happier“, in Marshmello ft. Bastille, guaranteed the duet of the two on how they are…

Max also expects more from Zoey, and when he takes her that he was probed by the more “serious” staff on the 6th floor, she is left without a reaction, but frees her friend to go to work with them, thus leaving the 4th floor, but that means countless changes, especially between the two, as he expected much more.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist it is sweet, with delicious moments and ready to involve us in the dramas of this girl who just wants to have a peaceful life.