Zendaya will not be the new Ariel

Zendaya will not be the new Ariel

Disney has been working day and night to develop live-action versions of its classic animations and, even with many projects in progress, they still think about the future already aiming at a probable adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Recently, rumors emerged that Zendaya would be Ariel, the protagonist of the plot, which left the audience divided, but apparently everything was just a rumor.

The actress herself, however, recently commented that the possibility was open. “I mean, yes, why not?”, He comments in an interview with Variety. She may have denied playing Ariel at the moment, but the impact that her positive manifesto can have on Disney is unknown, especially with her already close relationship with the studios, appearing as MJ in the Marvel cinematic universe and, in the past, for to stand out as co-protagonist of No Ritmo (2010-2013) and protagonist of Agente KC (2015-2018), both serial productions of the Disney Channel.

The Little Mermaid project is still in its early stages and much can change by then. Meanwhile, Zendaya will be on Standing Small as the voice actor for the character Meechee. The film is expected to hit theaters this week on September 28.

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