YouTube is growing in strength on TVs

YouTube is growing in strength on TVs

Source: Pixabay

You don’t have to convince anyone that YouTube is the king of online video services. Every month, the Google platform attracts 2 billion active users who spend about a billion hours watching movies every day. Mobile devices have certainly helped in popularizing the service, but we are also increasingly eager to use the website via TV applications.

In the latest blog post, representatives of the corporation reported that recently 100 million Americans have used this version of the service per month. In addition, over the past year, time spent on YouTube’s TV application increased by as much as 80%, and in March there was a 250% increase in interest in the material broadcast live through these receivers.

A coronavirus pandemic played a significant role in popularizing the platform on TVs. This is best demonstrated by the content we’ve been looking for in recent weeks. From mid-March to May, interest in materials related to sourdough baking increased by 400%, we watched cooking films 45% more often than last year, and we were twice as often looking for materials about work from home.

It seems that recent months have finally convinced users of the website to use it on large screens. It cannot be ruled out that on the COVID wave of YouTube popularity, it will be in our showrooms for good. Of course, the biggest unknown is whether we will continue to use the TV application as a cookbook, or whether the platform’s owners will be able to convince the recipients that YouTube can become an equal competitor to classic VoD services with movies and series.