Writer talks about criticism of Batman and Wonder Woman magazine

Escritor fala sobre críticas à revista do Batman e Mulher-Maravilha

Last November, the launch of Brave & the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman magazine was announced, focused on the adventures of Batman with Wonder Woman. The magazine’s first issue didn’t even hit newsstands, but it already receives a shower of criticism.

Angry fans complain about several things. Some would like to see Diana working alongside Superman, while others argue that the partnership would go against the current relationships of the heroes in the comics, Catwoman and Steve Trevor.

Project writer and designer Liam Sharpe countered the criticism on his Facebook page. “Part of this hatred is in the people who ‘ship’ Wonder Woman and Superman. Another part is coming from people who think I’m going to separate Diana and Steve – I won’t. Some of them are people who think Diana shouldn’t be with any man, as that would be a cliché of male objectification.

They caught my attention for mentioning that there would be references for those who ship Batman and Wonder Woman, which made some people very angry. They said I supported betrayal by suggesting it was possible to have other relationships before you met someone and got married. These things happen and people separate, people make mistakes.

There is room to explore many relationships in melodrama. But apparently this is not true for some, ”wrote Sharpe in a long text where he also talks about hate on social media.

The first issue of Brave & the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman hits newsstands in the United States on February 21st. There is still no date for the launch in Brazil.