Won’t Gusttavo Lima do more live? Understand the whole controversy with Conar

Won’t Gusttavo Lima do more live?  Understand the whole controversy with Conar

THE Monday by singer Gusttavo Lima, shown on her YouTube channel last Saturday (11), broke several records, collected tons of food and many other donations. But he also received several criticisms, among them, the delay of almost 30 minutes for the beginning of the presentation and the great amount of profanity spoken by the sertanejo.

Gusttavo lima drunk's live

Now, the criticisms have gained new directions, since the Conar (National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation) filed an ethical representation against the singer Gusttavo Lima and also against Ambev.

Why did Conar file a representation against Gusttavo Lima?

The agency pointed out possible irregularities in relation to the consumption of alcoholic beverages during Gusttavo Lima’s, as well as the lack of a system that would prevent minors from accessing these scenes, which could be considered an incentive to their ingestion.

According to, the advice of Gusttavo Lima was sought and said that “the necessary clarifications will be provided as determined in that quote”.

Ambev, on the other hand, stated that, during the sponsorship of those in this quarantine period, it has taken care to ensure measures of hygiene and social distance and with due prior guidance to artists on the rules of Conar for advertising drinks. But it also reveals that “in some, completely spontaneously, some guidelines were not followed”.

Also according to, the singer Gusttavo Lima and Ambev will have 20 days to present the defense. If Conar understands that there was an irregularity, the penalties could be the alteration of the live – which is still available on the YouTube, now with inappropriate content warning for minors – and warning to those responsible.

Gusttavo deletes tweet in which he vented about censorship

On Wednesday (15), singer Gusttavo Lima vented on his Twitter, first stating that, in addition to being a way for artists to interact with fans, they are also a means of collecting donations for those in need.

In addition to live shows, we are collecting and donating to needy entities and people who are currently in dire need… We are sharing our intimacies, showing the public what our lives are like off the stage, sharing unique moments !!!

– Gusttavo Lima (@gusttavo_lima) April 15, 2020

Then, the sertanejo wrote that “a cast and politically correct is not funny. The good things are the games, the will, to bring joy, high spirits for people who are in agony at that moment. I won’t do it censored“. The was deleted by the singer in the early afternoon of today (16).

In place of the deleted, the singer posted a gif of a character from the dancing animation, accompanied by the phrase “Life that follows”. In addition, in another, he wrote that he will accompany that of the duo Cesar Menotti and Fabiano because, according to him, “they only drink water”.

Today I’m going to watch the live of Cezar Menotti and Fabiano… I’m glad they only drink water 💧😂😂

– Gusttavo Lima (@gusttavo_lima) April 16, 2020

Gusttavo also affirmed that “everything is upside down” in our country and, finally, closed the matter by thanking him for his affection and wishing God blessings to all.

In a country where the intention and the intention is to help our needy brothers, (IT IS WRONG). And the wrong gaping in people’s faces (ALL THE TIME) is (RIGHT) !!! Everything is backwards.

– Gusttavo Lima (@gusttavo_lima) April 16, 2020

Anyway, the subject is closed… Thank you for so much support and affection. God bless you all…

– Gusttavo Lima (@gusttavo_lima) April 16, 2020

Even federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, advised Gusttavo to continue with the. “Brazil is with you, we look forward to more.”

A piece of advice, @gusttavo_lima: don’t be influenced by the opinion of those who just want to destroy you.

Think about the people who have helped you, your giant audience and don’t be influenced by vagrants, Brazil is with you, we look forward to more lives with anxiety 👍 https://t.co/p3Zi7thz1P

– Eduardo Bolsonaro🇧🇷 (@BolsonaroSP) April 16, 2020

Although it has not been officially released, it seems that Gusttavo Lima is the first confirmed attraction at the Festival Villa Mix Em Casa, on May 3rd. Check out agenda of of artists in the month of April.