‘Wonder Woman 1984’: See what Diana’s new powers will be

‘Wonder Woman 1984’: See what Diana’s new powers will be

THE Princess Diana, played by the actress Gal Gadot in the DC universe, it will be even more powerful in . Heroin became a worldwide phenomenon after the release of her solo film, in 2017. The new film will not be a sequel, but will go back to the past, to give more details to Diana’s story.

1984 wonder woman movie

In we will see Diana’s evolution, not only as a character, but it will also be possible to learn about what she is capable as a heroine.

Daughter of Hipólita and Zeus, Diana it is the most powerful of the Amazons. She improved physical attributes like her Amazon colleagues, such as super strength, speed and near immortality. Diana is also trained from a young age in various forms of combat, with bow and arrow and sword fighting.

Wonder Woman is also able to control divine energy and use it through her bracelets. In addition, Diana wore the lasso of truth throughout her time as a hero. These accessories will still be with her in, but rumors about the film point to new powers.

Diana’s new powers in

Golden Eagle Armor

wonder woman armor

The trailer showed Diana wearing the Golden Eagle Armor for the first time. Although wearing the armor does not give Diana any new powers, it does offer additional protection from the threats she will face.

Improved Truth Tie

Wonder Woman Truth Tie

The lasso of truth has been Diana’s most used weapon, whether in the heat of battle or when she needs to get information from someone. But, in, Diana’s skill level with the lasso will clearly increase.

Swinging in the rays

wonder woman in the rays

The trailer also showed Diana swaying in the rays, just as Spider-Man swings between buildings. It clings to the rays using the lasso of truth and then swings towards another nearby ray. As the daughter of Zeus – the god of the sky, thunder and lightning – and considering Diana’s ability to take advantage of lightning, this is a natural evolution of her powers.

Invisible jet

1984 wonder woman movie

According to, there is a chance that, in, Diana will gain control of her invisible jet. In the trailer, Diana and Steve they are shown sitting in some kind of jet, watching the fireworks exploding around them. Since the outside of the jet is not shown, it is very likely that it is the invisible jet.


wonder woman flying

It is also possible to see Diana flying in the trailer for. She has appeared by jumping great distances – and even levitated a little at the end of – but the sequence could be where she really flies, and that would be the greatest of the new powers.

: trailer and premiere date

The film was originally planned to hit theaters in December 2019, being postponed to November 2019. Then, it was once again postponed to June 2020 because of concerns about post-production. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, now the launch of is scheduled for October 2, 2020.