Wolverine’s 10 best opponents

Wolverine’s 10 best opponents

How come Wolverine hasn’t won the title of Marvel’s biggest troublemaker yet? The guy doesn’t spend a week without challenging a great villain, either as a member of the X-Men, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, or on a solo adventure.

And when he doesn’t find a villain around, he gets into a fight with a hero too. With so many opponents on your resume, here are the 13 most illustrious challengers to Wolverine (and then click here to see the continuation: 10 more Wolverine’s best opponents).


wolverine vs hulk

In fact, it all started with the Hulk. After the summer crushed several brute enemies, someone came up with a set of different powers: unbreakable bones, sharp claws and a healing factor. The Hulk is good at punching until the target stops moving, but what about when he regenerates and gets up forever? The two have already faced each other a dozen times, in fact, and although Marvel has taken the Hulk’s power to the extreme in recent years, we must recognize that Wolverine will always be an equal opponent.

Saber Teeth

wolverine vs saber teeth

Logan’s eternal archrival! These two are destined to face each other forever, however much we know that Wolverine will always win. Saber Teeth stands out not only for being the archrival with mildly similar powers, but also for the number of atrocities it has done against our heroes, ranging from murdering some of the few people it clung to, to all the history that two have it with the Arma X program.

Lady Letal

wolverine vs lady lethal

When Wolverine already had enough enemies in the US and Canada, he went to Japan – and ended up making a dozen enemies there too. Lady Letal deserves to be remembered not only for the old rivalry with Logan, but also for the origin story of the two being connected. Who developed the technique of implanting adamantium in the bones was Lady Letal’s father and she hunts Wolverine as a way to exterminate her father’s error. Therefore, she is not only a woman with the powers of Wolverine, but also a rival with relentless motivation and who always brings Logan’s origins to the fore with her.

Silver Samurai

silver wolverine vs samurai

The Silver Samurai would be a really cool hero, if he weren’t already a villain. Its power is to energize any weapon with elemental force, such as ice, fire and electricity, a skill that allows it to cut anything except adamantium. In addition to having one of the coolest powers in comics, he wears armor that is also resistant to everything except adamantium, and he has been trained in various martial arts. The guy is basically a Street Fighter character wearing cool armor. While Lady Letal is the main Japanese enemy of Wolverine, the Silver Samurai stands as a rival, as the two sought revenge for the death of Mariko Yashida, Logan’s romantic interest and Samurai’s half sister. Currently, the villain has recovered his own honor and the honor of the family and has even served as the bodyguard of the Prime Minister of Japan, having the role sometimes of ally, sometimes of opponent in the comics.


wolverine vs cyclops

I think Wolverine only finds true happiness when he punches Scott Summers. Who doesn’t feel like punching the straight and handsome guy, who, in addition to leading the team and finding himself the owner of the truth, still catches the biggest cat in the school – which, obviously, is Logan’s love. By the way, I always thought the Storm a thousand times better. Anyway, the Cyclops and Wolverine in the X-Men are like Captain America and Iron Man in the Avengers, they never agreed and, deep down, they always waited for only one good reason to start the fight. It must be very annoying for Cyclops to blow someone with their laser and then see the person regenerating.


wolverine vs romulus

Romulus is that kind of villain who looks a lot like the hero, only stronger. Healing factor, adamantium claws, animal skills etc etc etc. What makes Romulus interesting – besides being a kind of humanoid that evolved from canines instead of primates – is the series of manipulations he did in Wolverine’s life, ranging from improving the hero’s enemies, raising his son as a ruthless killer and basically control Logan’s fate as the worst ventricle in the world. Wolverine has already had to appeal to ask for help from a lot of people to defeat Romulus, has already arrested the villain in another dimension with the help of the Hood – obviously he has returned – and has even defeated him face to face. But relax, bad guys like that always come back sooner or later.


wolverine vs deadpool

98.27% of the battles between Wolverine and Deadpool took place at the request of the fans. They are simply two of the most entertaining characters in the comics, one being the most heated and the other being debauched. You can not go wrong! Both have a healing factor, which guarantees a long fight, and what Deadpool lacks in adamantium bones and claws, he makes up for with his extreme skill with swords and pistols and with his creativity in deceiving the opponent. The two could even be partners, but, you know, no one can put up with Deadpool for long.


wolverine vs magneto

Nothing cooler than an enemy that you simply will never beat. Forget it, it won’t happen, it’s that simple. Only in video games, of course, but aside from games and situations in the comics clearly prepared for fans to have the satisfaction of Wolverine hitting a blow once in a lifetime against all possibilities, our hero does not and will never have any chance. You may already know, but it’s worth remembering: Magneto’s power is to manipulate metals, which makes him the only totally and eternally victorious character over Logan. Magneto is the ultimate villain of the X-Men and it’s interesting to see how Wolverine really needs to use his head to even be last on those occasions.


wolverine vs wolf

If DC VS Marvel were to happen today, Lobo would probably face Deadpool. But on the legendary first occasion when the two publishers faced off, it made too much sense for Lobo and Wolverine to face off – in a bar, by the way. I believe that the two had the best bravado in the comics: “I will crush you!”, “I will cover you!”. In the end, the two rolled onto the counter until Wolverine’s hand went up, he took a cigar, stood up and smoked victoriously.


wolverine vs conan

Conan is a recurring character in Marvel’s infinite Parallel Universes, having faced Wolverine, Thor and a few others. Wolverine not only defeated Cimmerian, but severed his hand – cruelty – he took Red Sonja in the end and half took over as the great wild and legendary hero in the world of Conan.

I know 10 is very little, so say it in the comments: who is your favorite Wolverine opponent?

Author: Bernardo Stamato.