With vocals by Junior Lima, Manimal releases new track “Like Home”

With vocals by Junior Lima, Manimal releases new track “Like Home”

Who has never felt alone, needing that person to reach out to make you feel safe and, when it finally happens, feel that everything will be all right? “Like Home“, New music from Manimal, brings that feeling from the first notes. A story that is narrated in the first person, full of messages of hope.

As at Home“, In free translation, is how the duo feels at this point in their career. The music was composed and produced in partnership with Santti, project Lucas Lorenzetti, and portrays the comfort you feel when you are next to someone who makes you not feel alone, feel at home!

The mixture of the beats with the guitar at the beginning of the song prepares for what lies ahead: a chorus full of energy, progressing towards the top, really sending the message that it is rising, rising. So you feel so at home that you join the choir, using your voice together. The piano, marking with notes and chords, also enters and creates the expectation of the final explosion of the music, in an ecstasy and realization.

The idea is that people really feel inspired to reach out to the person next to them, that they don’t feel alone. It’s too good when we’re home, at home”Says Junior Lima, which once again gives voice to Manimal. “The partnership with Santti was very good. The production of the track was something incredible and the result is there, for everyone to enjoy a lot“, Complements Julio Torres.