With Larissa Manoela, movie Airplane Mode gets a fun trailer on Netflix!

With Larissa Manoela, movie Airplane Mode gets a fun trailer on Netflix!

THE Netflix released today (9) the first comedy trailer Airplane mode with the actress Larissa Manoela!

In the plot, we accompany a young digital influencer addicted to cell phones called Ana, who is forced to face a world without internet and without glamor.

The production of Factory arrive at Netflix in late January.

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Poster girl of a brand led by the Carola nebula (Katiuscia Canoro), the video reveals the day-to-day life of the fashionista girl (who, of course, already wakes up wearing makeup) and an important detail: in addition to tanning on social media, she collects… traffic tickets. One day, glazed on her cell phone while driving, Ana suffers an accident and sees her life turn inside out, or rather, go into airplane mode.

As a punishment for learning to live without a smartphone all the time, she gets a forced vacation at her grandfather Germano’s farm (Erasmo Carlos) – completely disconnected from the internet – and is forced to help you in your workshop. Goodbye, false nails and powerful looks. Hello, grease and oil. However, more than repairing old cars, Ana discovers the chance to reconnect with real life and get to know herself. After all, life is much more than pumped posts.

The steering gets César Rodrigues and the script based on the Mexican feature written by Alberto Bremer, was adapted by Renato Fagundes and Alice Name-Bomtempo.

Airplane mode opens on January 23.

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