With innovative sound, the trio Sage Act presents ‘Colorado Springs’

Sage Act

The instrumentalist trio of DJs, Sage Act, is a unique project in Brazil and brings foreign influences to produce an electronic sound mixed with organic sounds, creating a distinct, differentiated and pleasant atmosphere, very similar to that which the Australian group, also provides. The group formed by Henrique Xavier, Matheus Alvim and Mauro Mota presents its newest release, the song , bringing the experience of their show from Aspen, in the city of Colorado, to the studio and, consequently, to your home.

Sage Act

“A emerged in the midst of an incredible moment in our career, we did our first series of international shows in Aspen, anticipating by about 3 years our goal of performing a gig on international solos”, says Henrique.

The fact alone brought a lot of inspiration and encouragement to the trio of friends. They gathered a collection of inspirations from new landscapes, new cultures and new experiences, creating a track that showed all these feelings.

“It was very remarkable for us to show this clash between cultures, it brought a lot of confidence. We have already had experiences where we felt that the audience was not understanding the message we were sending, and that sucks (but it is part!). The Aspen experience was just the opposite, ”says Matheus.

The final part of the creative process was developed after the announcement of the pandemic. Therefore, the lyrics have a strong appeal for resilience. “Stick it to the plan now, and don’t ask it. How can I decide never to be alone? ”, Are some of the notes made, which refer to the capacity that we must develop to remain firm in the midst of a crisis and, above all, not to be afraid to be alone for a while, but to know how to take advantage of this.

This song was the first result of a transition that we are experiencing in our career. This transformation is not limited only to the artistic scope, but includes, of course, our personal and professional scope. One of the great challenges of any project is precisely to be able to find a unique and authentic way of expressing itself, so that, when the spectator has contact with the work, he can quickly identify its authorship.

Adds Mauro.

Musical project formed in Recife, the Sage Act is an electronic trio that seeks, in its purpose, to unite the organic experience with electronic elements present on the world stage. The result provokes the sensation of proximity to the pop scene, without losing the underground “dance” touch in its essence. Something done with soul and talent.

“After years of trying to structure our musical aesthetics, we do not intend to claim that we have already found it, but this launch represents a very important step towards that goal”, says the trio Sage Act. So be sure to listen on different platforms, and feel theirs.