With Giovanna Lancellotti, Ricos de Amor has party, romance and tomato war; check out the trailer

 With Giovanna Lancellotti, Ricos de Amor has party, romance and tomato war;  check out the trailer

Good life, money, farm and women summarize the routine of Teto, played by Danilo Mesquita (Spectros, We were Six, Second Sun). Son of the mighty Theodore (Ernani Moraes), known as the King of Tomatoes, the future heir to the empire of plantations and factories Trancoso sees his life turn inside out when he meets Paula. Interpreted by Giovanna Lancellotti (Shippados, Segundo Sol, Rising Sun), in his debut Netflix, Paula is a down to earth girl who studies to be a doctor and dreams of her independence. But there are many other potatoes baking in this story. Or rather, tomatoes, as the trailer for Rich in Love, which has just been released along with the official poster.

About to celebrate his birthday, Teto gets a reality check when his father announces what his present will be that year: a job. Yes, the spree of Príncipe do Tomate has its days numbered. The traditional Tomato Festival, with special participation from DJ Alok, may be one of the last chances to enjoy the quiet life in your city. And it is at the festival watered by sauce, electronic music and country music that Danilo Mesquita’s character meets the medical student played by Giovanna Lancellotti.

Hoping to win the heart of the centered girl, and also grabbing the chance to prove his worth to his father and to himself, Teto lies about who he is and says he has humble origins. This is the first of many lies that will put you in trouble in Rio de Janeiro. His best friend, Igor (Jaffar Bambirra), son of farm workers, is the faithful squire of the spoiled rich man in this romantic and messy adventure that also brings Trancoso’s HR consultant, Alana (Fernanda Paes Leme), the struggling Monique (Lellê), in addition to Raíssa and Kátia, Paula’s friends played by Bruna Griphao and Jeniffer Dias, respectively.

Rich in Love has script signed by Sylvio Gonçalves (SOS Women by the Sea, Me Fiko Loko) and Bruno Garotti (Cinderella Pop, Me Fiko Loko), which is also in charge of the direction of the film. Production is Julio Uchôa (SOS Women at Sea 1 & 2, Me Fiko Loko), gives Pineapple.

Rich in Love arrives at Netflix in April 30th.