Willow Smith tells about the good and the bad that marijuana did to him

Willow Smith tells about the good and the bad that marijuana did to him

The actor’s daughter Will Smith, the singer Willow Smith, 19, told in an interview for the show he used to smoke weed in an uncontrolled way, but decided to stop, revealing the good and bad that marijuana did to him.

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Willow Smith tells benefits of quitting smoking marijuana

According to Willow Smith, after making the decision to stop using the drug, several people who claimed to be their friends walked away, shortening their social cycle.

I haven’t smoked marijuana in three months, specifically THC. When I stopped, I was really able to open my eyes wide, because many people I used to call friends just walked away. It is interesting how much it is linked to socialization for me.

The singer said that instead of smoking, she started doing other activities to channel her energy, such as yoga.

I started doing a lot of yoga and was doing well because I put all my energy into it. It made me think about what I was missing before, about all the things that I wasn’t putting all my brain power on.

The daughter of actor Will Smith also stressed that smoking marijuana made her more anxious, without her realizing it.

I never understood that [maconha] could make me more anxious. I’m more focused now.

Willow stressed that during the quarantine, recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) to contain the new coronavirus, even if feeling bored, he chose not to use marijuana and channel his energy into other tasks.

Making a personal analysis, the singer also considered the possibility of not enjoying being stoned so much, but the act of smoking.

Before, when I was bored, I smoked, but now, because of the quarantine, I am bored and put my energy in different things. I realized that I really like oral fixation, not necessarily getting high.