Will Smith refused Captain Hook’s role in Peter Pan & Wendy

Will Smith refused Captain Hook

Will Smith refused Captain Hook's role in Peter Pan & Wendy
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

Will Smith is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood and according to recent reports reported by Variett’s Justin Kroll, Will Smith was invited to play Captain Hook in the live action Peter Pan & Wendy, which is being developed by Disney, but declined the role. The villain will now be played by Jude Law.

“Since there are rumors about people who declined the role before Law took over, the first person Disney considered to be Hook by coincidence also had another live-action Disney franchise under his belt before it finally passed,” said publication that also accompanied a gif of Will Smith in Searching for Happiness (2006).

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Will Smith refused Captain Hook's role in Peter Pan & Wendy

The other live-action franchise would be Aladdin, of which Smith played the Genie of the Lamp. Joaquin Phoenix, winner of the Oscar for Joker (2019), was also approached for the role of Captain Hook and refused.

Peter Pan & Wendy is directed by David Lowery, and will feature Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson in their respective lead roles.

The film was originally expected to be released on Disney +, but it appears that Casa dos Ratos is now considering a theatrical debut, although without confirmation at the moment.

There is still no forecast for the launch of the work.

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