Will & Grace | 11 × 13-14 – Filthy Phil, Part 2 / The Favorite

 Will & Grace |  11 × 13-14 - Filthy Phil, Part 2 / The Favorite

Will & Grace delivered two episodes well “okay” … The episode “Filthy Phil, Part 2“Completed the sucker plot on Karen, while”The Favorite”Put her inside Stan’s house to find out who his new girlfriend is…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Karen ended up being the focus of the two episodes and it was good, even with rumors that there were problems between Megan Mullaly and the rest of the cast, where they even commented that she would not appear properly this season.

Here we have her being tricked by Phil forcing WIll and Grace to go to her cabin to save them from a man who would mess with her for a wedding. The best part was that she was the one who tricked him with her Anastasia, but thanked her friends for their concern.

Then it was the search for his ring and then discovering that none other than Val is dating Stan and wearing his ring. She and Jack disguising themselves to steal Val’s ring was funny, especially with Karen taking off with her former mansion employees.

Jack had a nice time to evaluate Coco, the bar he bought and hopes it will become relevant, even lying to a reporter. They should have done this plot before to put it in evidence on something about him and explore his theatrical side on the bar’s own stages.

Will and Grace get help from Jenny and find themselves discussing age and how not to become someone they always wanted to get away from. It served by the presence of Demi Lovato, even though something is missing from the scenes.

We are going for another goodbye from Will & Grace