Will & Grace | 11 × 09 – Bi-Plane

 Will & Grace |  11 × 09 - Bi-Plane

Will & Grace came up with an interesting theme which is the way bisexuality is viewed, but unfortunately we saw a veritable swarm of jokes without salt and that the excuse ended up coming from Grace’s niece character, that they still have many heads in the 90s…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

I enjoyed seeing more of Grace’s family, and her niece Fiona (Billie Lourd) that the idolater is wonderful, but unfortunately when they found out that she and her boyfriend Trevor (Peter Graham) are bisexual, but are happy with each other, aunt and Will fell for dull jokes, awkward moments that did not open the dialogue.

I was really embarrassed at the end …

Lucky we had Jack in a situation that put him in first class and with the actor Ryan Phillippe wanting to have sex with him to have the experience of his role, but what was hilarious was that he contained himself and the way Estefan initially reacted, allowing the husband’s experience, and then interrupting the moment … Of course, they find a good way out for both of them …

Karen was hilarious going to economy class with Friday, and we had jokes about her coming out of nowhere with surgical aids, among other things. Meghan Mullaly always wonderful on the scene, and your exaggerations are always welcome.

Will & Grace it upset me in this episode, but let’s see if the series can keep pace for the next few.