Will & Grace | 11 × 04-05 – The Chick and the Egg Donor / The Grief Panda

 Will & Grace |  11 × 04-05 - The Chick and the Egg Donor / The Grief Panda

AND Will & Grace has been doing a great job developing his dramas and creating new opportunities for his characters. Talking about overcoming, motherhood in old age, and mainly friendship, the series maintains its essence and brings even more good things.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Will and McCoy broke up and he needs to get over it, he still wants to plan to have his baby, and he got all the support from Grace, who also needs the support of his friend, showing that even though they need to learn to hear themselves a little more, love always is beside them.

The story of Panda do Luto was just “ok”, but it showed the friends’ concern for Will. Jack had a good time, either with Karen or Will and even with Grace he was funny helping Will in his grief.

But Karen has been stealing the show with the best stories and best shots. Her idea of ​​running a baseball team is absurd, but putting Amy next to her was a great idea. The former footballer managed to turn Karen’s right shoulder in the game and I just want to see if the team will get out of the hole …

I loved Karen from “bubblehead”, but the best moment of the character was beside Grace, when they argue and end up understanding each other, having for the first time such a strong and sincere conversation. Godmother Karen will be hilarious.

Will & Grace it has everything to end your season well, and I hope that the backstage gossip does not stand out from the plots presented, as it has been going very well.