Will & Grace | 10 × 16 – Conscious Coupling

 Will & Grace |  10 × 16 - Conscious Coupling

All the characters are finally taking some really big steps, and Will & Grace shows this in a very funny way, and creating interesting comic situations after the drama of the last episode.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Jack is finally in a relationship that will give him something and promises not to screw things up with Estefan, much less betray him. It was nice to see the return of little Drew, but the best was to see Jack being mature, and even having a temptation in uniform there, holding the ends and making it clear that he will not betray his love.

Now, Noah and McCoy are in trouble. Their relationship with Will and Grace goes very well, with both being opposites of the other, as one couple is more romantic and the other much more down to earth, but both now want a commitment and living together is a big step.

I laughed with Grace saying that she needs to be for Will because of her gambling problems, while he says that Grace is crazy and takes medication. Instead of telling the truth about their commitment to their partners, the two find themselves in need of lying.

Noah ends up getting upset with Grace, but in the end she agrees to move in with him, while McCoy not only shows how serious he is when talking about glasses, he also manages to take a step forward with Will.

Karen had interesting moments too and Nikki’s presence (Samira Wiley, Orange is the New Black) it was important for her to understand that she needs to stop wanting men to take care of her, since she also needs someone to take care of her. Karen has had moments to let her guard down this season and show a more human side and is doing great.

Will & Grace is heading towards its last 2 episodes of the season with the renewal of an 11th season guaranteed, and I already want to see the consequences of some plots that are opening, and yes, I speak of Jack’s wedding.