Will & Grace | 10 × 15 – Bad Blood

 Will & Grace |  10 × 15 - Bad Blood

Once again Will & Grace touches on such an important and complicated topic, leaving the comedy a little to be intense. Here in Brazil blood donation for homo-affective is not accepted, and now we see that in the United States it may be no different with Will talking about his battles.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Will and Grace’s first dinner with Marilyn and Martin together had everything to be quiet, and funny, especially with Grace trying to call Marilyn a mother and she pretending to be deaf in those moments. Only the series takes a turn when it puts Martin in the hospital, needing to have surgery and needing blood transfusion.

Knowing that Will could donate, Martin refuses to take his blood because he is a homosexual. His discussion with Grace was very tense, but the most exciting was Grace’s conversation with Will, who says he will not fight over it, because he is tired of always needing to prove himself, needing to make small things always a battle.

When Grace can’t take it and has a fight with her father in front of Marilyn, it forces Will and Martin to have a conversation. He says he does a battery of exams every time, that when a relationship starts, unlike the heterosexual couple who only see the couple, they need to exchange exams and medical recommendations to see diseases, and that this is much more than straight houses, because they sometimes they don’t even know their own situation.

These types of conversations are more than necessary, even more so in the moment we live, identifying with a speech like that, feeling weak when seeing Martin refusing blood and being a scrotum with his prejudice was very painful.

And the series stayed in the comedy with Jack and karen discussing what he will have at his wedding, as she wants things from the best and the best and refuses to give a unicorn cake that throws marshmallows in people’s faces. He feels that his marriage is not his, just as she decides the things in the play. But they can understand each other after all.

Will & Grace sometimes it doesn’t seem to evolve his characters, keeping some plots very down to earth and light, but when he decides to play in more serious dramas, he manages to do it very well.