Will & Grace | 10 × 13 – The Real McCoy

 Will & Grace |  10 × 13 - The Real McCoy

And we come back to the topic of Grace’s election to the Council of Designers, and Will & Grace it made a lot of fun with it, but the best thing was to bring her rivalry with Val, and also put Will with McCoy…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Quickly, Grace and Karen were left with the problem of winning the elections and Val got in the way. Even with the woman saying she is no longer chasing Grace, she managed to get her colleague out of the elections by arresting her outside her office window and claiming amendment 172.

Grace messes with an eagle, the same one that McCoy presented in her program, but it was her triumphant return, just when Val says she is crazy … In the end Grace won the elections, thanks to a little help from Karen.

Will had to put up with Jack all the time saying that he would go to the singles table at his wedding and that he would be the leader, being the oldest there. Behold, Will starts going out with McCoy and asks him to be more profound, just when he asks him to be his “plus one” in the wedding.

The episode passed with McCoy exposing himself, talking about feelings and even love, which leaves Will out of his mind and tells him that. I enjoyed seeing Jack giving McCoy good advice, but lo and behold, he only does this to have a celebrity at his wedding.

I’m already looking forward to seeing Jack’s wedding in Will & Grace