Will & Grace | 10 × 12 – The Pursuit of Happiness

 Will & Grace |  10 × 12 - The Pursuit of Happiness

Just Jack!

And finally we have Jack’s iconic phrase said in Will & Grace, and best of all, we discovered his theater teachers, sisters Zandra and Zusanna. Okay, we only saw one, which came to destabilize the colleague.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The whole episode followed Jack being idolized by Zusanna, taking classes, being flattered, and when he finally realizes, he has to go back to the stage and his “Just Jack!“, But over time he remembers that he needs the benefits of work…

I laughed a lot with the twist that Zusanna stole his job, even though he thought it was too much, and exaggerated, but we should have Jack more focused on his performances, and taking dogs for walks. I was so waiting for Will’s reaction …

This one was trying to be more liberal, to allow himself to catch someone in the work environment and then they throw themselves at Paul, his colleague. The problem is that even though he wants to be more liberal, he ends up discovering that Paul is married and has a daughter beside her husband. His speech about their relationship being closed and Paul still wanting to jump over the fence was cool, and he didn’t criticize the possibility of his friend having an open relationship.

Now, Karen in the middle of Malcolm and Karen was just too delicious. Her doing a cordless phone was hilarious, especially with the content of the subjects. “How have you not died yet?“. In the end Karen tries to forgive Malcolm, who goes out of his way to apologize and cannot be without her. Time for a fresh start …

Will & Grace it remains delicious to follow, even with such simple plots, and putting your characters in an uncomfortable situation to grow.