Will Disney release Frozen 3? Learn more details about the design

Will Disney release Frozen 3?  Learn more details about the design

In November 2013, Disney Studios launched (titled in Brazil as) ‘, becoming one of the biggest box office in cinema. The success was due to the innovation in history, which left aside the good guy cliché saves the girl and they live “happily ever after”.

The film, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, tells the journey of two sisters who are princesses of Arendelle, Elsa who has magical powers – which creates ice, frost and snow, a secret that she hides from her people and her little sister, Anna – the two embark on an adventure of discovery, identity and love after these powers to be revealed by accident at the coronation of the eldest.

To the surprise of the viewers, the direction of the film shows us the strength of two women who, together, managed to resolve the conflicts of the plot, without a prince as the protagonist of the situation, which we know here the Hans of the South Islands, who reveals himself to be true villain of the story, giving space to the gentle plebeian Kristoff, who won Anna’s heart.

In addition, the script was happy with the strong music and chewing gum, winning over not only the child audience but also the adult, and charismatic supporting characters, Kristoff’s best friend, the reindeer Sven, and the living snowman, Olaf, who became a reference when it comes to.


Will Diney release Frozen 3?

Becoming a huge success, it was clear that I was waiting for a sequel to the film, which had its premiere in November 2019, bringing all the good guys from Arendelle back, more mature and more united than ever. In this new plot, a mysterious voice is heard by the then Queen of Arendelle, Elsa, and, because of that, also mysterious attacks happen in the kingdom; with the help of Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, sisters Elsa and Anna set out to find answers in a magical forest.

With yet another quality plot, Buck and Lee guarantee another success in their careers, surprising once again with good songs, a great technological advance in the film’s photography and answering questions questioned in the first film, such as the origins of Elsa’s powers.

And with all this acclaim, it is a fact that fans of the films, want one more sequence and that was questioned by journalist Rafa Gomes in an interview made by the channel to director Chris Buck and one of the producers, what were the chances of it happening and they answered:

“Can I get some rest?”, Jokes Buck, and then adds: “We didn’t think of it until a year after the first one was released”.

And producer Peter Del Vecho also replies: “It’s a little early for that. We want to see how the film will resonate with the audience ”.

Frozen 2

That is, the Disney will launch ? It is still uncertain, since the second film is still only six months away, but also, the plot told in the second film, opens space for new adventures of Elsa and Anna, but it will be necessary to wait for an official statement from the studio together with the directors and film producers.

For now, fans can enjoy the two films in the franchise, which are available on Amazon Prime Video.