Why Women Kill | 1 × 10 – Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time [Season Finale]

 Why Women Kill |  1 × 10 - Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time [Season Finale]

Why Women Kill reaches its end showing uncontrolled characters, a lot of passion, but ends up standing out for the love and affection, which surpasses everything and everyone. The way that the relationship between Simone and Karl was portrayed ended up going beyond what I expected and it was just beautiful, but Ginnifer Goodwin it was brilliant in its alternations.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.


I think Beth Ann’s most important moment was putting Rob against the wall, but she wanted to do it right, but unfortunately he didn’t speak the truth and she continued her plan with Mary, it’s time to end the husbands from them. Two men who tortured them, either physically or psychologically.

Only April came to talk to Rob and understood the truth, having a very intense conversation with Sheila, who no longer wants to know about Beth Ann. I wanted to see more of their conversation, but I think I wanted to see more of how they came together again.

After all, April shows up well when Mary’s husband goes to meet with Rob and takes a gun. Their fight is very well choreographed and ends with him killing Rob and we find out that he was executed a few years later, in 1973.

April and Beth Ann became friends and both look after April’s daughter with Rob, as April became a famous singer on Broadway. We see Simone buying the house from her and how big the girl is…


And Simone bought the house with Karl to be happy, and they went on for many years… After the lie came to light, Simone could run away and even kill, but she stayed by her husband’s side when she saw that she has the love of a great friend. , and supported him with Hector, while she was with Tommy.

Naomi tried to kill her, but ended up being arrested, and she still stayed with Tommy for a while, only Karl got worse… Karl’s passing and worsening is very well shown, and we feel sorry for them, knowing that at the beginning of outbreak of HIV / AIDS, things were for yesterday, and we even see him losing a friend, which makes Simone even more worried.

Then more time passes and we have one last moment, one last moment of love between them, one last intimate moment of friendship and complicity. Karl already suffers from pain, he doesn’t walk well, the spots spread and Simone feels everything by his side.

Her last moments were of love and then she gave him his rest…

Going into 2017, we see her selling the house to Taylor and Eli, Tommy became famous and Eli comes to be surprised by her talking about having an affair with him, but then we see that she, even older, still has fun.


Now, Jade, or rather, Irene, wants to have the life she dreamed of at any cost and demands it from Taylor and Eli, who make it clear that they owe her nothing and threaten to call the police while she runs away, and in fact hid in the pantry.

Soon, with them thinking of disappearing from there and selling the house, Irene returns and stabs Eli and tries to kill Taylor, who knocks her down, but soon fights on the stairs. That’s when Taylor kills Jade …

With the passage of time we see Eli a little more weak, but well, as they sell the house to a couple and try to get on with their lives…

The funny thing is that the series ends its journey of love, passion and hate from the damn mansion with the new resident killing her husband after discovering he was having sex with another woman.

Why Women Kill then he says goodbye to a formidable cast, with delicious plots to accompany, and a more than agile script, which gave us a scene involving deaths, fights and a tango, which was just great. I already want to see the stories that Marc Cherry will prepare us for his 2nd season.