Why visit Denmark, the birthplace of the ancient Vikings?

Why visit Denmark, the birthplace of the ancient Vikings?

Denmark, the land of origin of the ancient Vikings, established in northern Europe, being the smallest of the Scandinavian countries. Its territory is bathed by the Atlantic, limited by Germany, to the south.

With short days and low temperatures, this is how the Danes live. But make no mistake, this country has so many beauties and peculiarities that it is impossible not to want to venture out.


Why visit Denmark?

According to the Global Peace Index, Denmark ranks fifth among the safest countries in the world. That is, you feel free to come back from that party at dawn walking or just take an evening stroll. Citizens are conscientious and respectful, so women are not harassed and do not need to walk in fear of suffering any type of violence or harassment.

Denmark has incredible architecture and designs, the country blends the old with the new very well. Its origins from the Viking era, Gothic style, Renaissance and among many other movements, harmonize with innovation, sustainability and simplicity.

This year, the city of Copenhagen (one of the most sustainable cities in the world) will start a project for a neighborhood built with wood in an area that was the dump, for the sake of sustainability, and will house 7,000 residents.


Although many days are cold and gray, in summer, they enjoy every second. In summer, there are festivals in Denmark every day, when there are not two a day. They are very diverse, for example, Stella Polaris with a more hygge essence (Danish word that means to enjoy the simple pleasures of life), it is a picnic festival with electronic music, food truck and many baskets. On the other hand, Distortion CPH gathers, on average, 100 thousand people, being considered the craziest party on the planet, the details I leave to your imagination.

In addition, Denmark has the second largest amusement park in the world, called Tivoli Gardens, it is rumored that Walt Disney was inspired by it.

There are many activities and diversities for you to venture out or just relax and enjoy in Denmark, it’s up to you – the Danish path you want to take.