Why do Koreans use skin lightening creams? Know all

Why do Koreans use skin lightening creams?  Know all

Many people often say that Asians are all alike, in fact, there wasn’t a mix of race in that region, so the koreans they have practically “unique” traits. Because of this, they have an extremely rigid and specific beauty pattern, with an influence of the Western Aryan pattern.

The pressure for Koreans to achieve the standard of beauty is so high that advertisements for plastic surgery are everywhere, such as subway stations, avenues, shopping malls.

women use skin lightening creams

Why do Koreans use skin lightening creams?

Koreans are constantly bombarded by this obsession with beauty, they must be extremely thin, big eyes, V-shaped face and the famous porcelain skin. To get that skin, they use whitening creams, they uniform the skin, neutralizing any type of stain (thus, the skin looks like porcelain).

In addition, these creams whiten the skin, the reason they craved so much lighter skin tones comes from many decades ago. The white skin, white and without imperfections, was a sign of the nobility, since the field workers sunbathed and tanned.

In 2018, young Korean women started a feminist movement called “Escape the corset”, in which they revolt with this absurd pressure and try to be free to dress the way they feel good.