Why did Drogon leave Jon Snow alive?

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Warning: this post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

A scene in the final episode of Game of Thrones left some fans with an unknown: Why did Drogon leave Jon Snow alive even after murdering his mother Daenerys?

The main theory uses the books as a basis, stating that dragons are intelligent and sensitive beings, capable of distinguishing enemies from allies and, consequently, who is a Targaryen. Jon may have killed Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, but Drogon still doesn’t see him as a threat and recognizes that the real cause of Daenerys’ death was not his direct assassin, Jon Snow, but the Iron Throne.

All the fighting, dispute and bloodshed was due to Daenerys’ obsession with the Iron Throne and her own son realizes it. In an act of fury and sadness, the Iron Throne, symbol of so much suffering, melts. However, he remains loyal to his mother and leaves with her dead body, abandoning this place that did not bring him anything good – on the contrary, he only removed from him those he loved: his brothers and his Mother.

Even with that explanation, many Daenerys fans would have preferred Jon Snow to have been burned alive by Drogon. A second theory, with no bibliographic basis, starts from here that Snow only survived because he was the protected character of the writers.

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