Why are reality shows so successful?

Why are reality shows so successful?

The innovation and reformulation of programs based on real life has made them gain more space on TV and services.

The Circle Brasil with Giovanna Ewbank

New proposals contributed to the style being successful with the public, while other older programs underwent reformulations. Thus, the genre has become one of the highlights of 2020 entertainment.

As they are programs that involve non-fictional characters, they need to be constantly changing, since modern society is always discovering new tastes and ways to access content.

Thus, the more they are able to reflect the real world, the greater the identification of the public, even if the participants are in different or abnormal situations. The quarantine increased the demand for different and lighter content. Thus, this period when more people are at home also contributed to the dos this year.

The idea behind it is a little more dense. Based on the series, the participants of this stay in separate apartments, communicating with each other only through an application, which also allows them to give notes to colleagues.

The intention is to observe how much people change to win the game. Due to its success, the program will gain versions in different countries.

This is one of the new features of the Netflix catalog for 2020, launched in February and is already renewed for a second season. Although programs involving couples and relationships are not new, it brings a new dynamic.

No, men and women, who do not know each other, have blind dates. The aim is to make participants engaged without knowing what each other looks like.

The new Amazon Prime Video shows 8 people from all over Brazil in a house on the beach in Florianópolis, with lots of parties, fights, romance and fun. In addition, other hot Internet celebrities make comments during the program, such as Bianca Andrade, Felipe Titto and Pablo Vittar.

This is another one available on Netflix that has invested heavily in the genre. Despite being from 2009, the proposal is nonetheless innovative.

s perform different challenges and the winner wins the title of The program is guaranteed, at least, until the 13th season.

is another Netflix production that debuted in 2020 and has been widely commented, due to its original and funny premise. No, 5 men and 5 women from different parts of the world live for a while in a house on the beach in Punta Mita, Mexico.

But, unlike others, participants cannot have any kind of sexual relationship, not even kisses. If this happens, the prize of US $ 100 thousand, divided among the group, will suffer discounts.

Broadcast on MTV and available on Amazon Prime Video, already had 5 seasons. Ten people stay in a huge house, on a paradise beach.

However, throughout the season the exes of the participants join the event, guaranteeing fights, jealousy, fun and, of course, lots of romance. The last season featured some famous personalities.

The is old, being one of the first of its kind on Brazilian TV, however, it was off in recent years, until the production decided to innovate. Instead of just unknown participants, the edition also featured celebrities who were invited, mainly digital, who made this edition go down in history.

The program broke the record for the world’s largest television vote, surpassing 1.5 billion votes. In addition to bringing personalities that are successful on the Internet, it brought other news that made the game even more interesting. Due to its success, it was extended for a few more days.