Who is Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande’s supposed new boyfriend

ariana grande and dalton gomez

Looks like Ariana Grande has a new man in her life after her short-term relationship with Mikey Foster of Social House. The singer is reportedly dating the real estate agent Dalton Gomez, with whom he would be quarantining during the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

ariana grande and dalton gomez

Find out everything about Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande’s new boyfriend:

Ariana Grande fans had already noticed a mysterious man in the stories made by the artist on Instagram. In February, TMZ published a video of Ariana Grande kissing a man who at the time had not been identified, but who today claims to be Dalton. Still according to TMZ, Dalton and Ari would have been dating for several months and are currently quarantining together.

In speculation made by fans, Dalton Gomez was identified through his tattoo, which is the same as the mysterious man who appeared in the stories of Ariana Grande. After his name appeared on social media being singled out as the singer’s new affair, Dalton made his Instagram private.

Dalton Gomez is a luxury real estate agent and is part of the Aaron Kirman group. According to the biography on his real estate group’s website, Dalton was raised in Southern California and has been in the luxury real estate market for five years. Apparently, he serves many famous customers, which could explain how he met Ariana.

However, Ariana Grande is not Dalton’s only famous friend. In 2017, the real estate agent was also featured in Miley Cyurs’ Instagram stories. Another indication that Dalton would be the singer’s new official affair was a comment left by the real estate agent during one of Ariana Grande’s lives, in which he flirted with her saying: “This cute girl”.