White Girls 2 – will it happen or not?

White Girls 2 – will it happen or not?

We cannot deny that The White Girls (Revolution Studios) marked an entire generation with their jokes and unforgettable dialogues in our memory, launched in July 2004 in the United States and in August of the same year here in Brazil. Since then, a sequel is expected, but it never happened.

In 2009, Sony Pictures flirted with the possibility, but according to the Terry Crews (Latrell Spencer), the producer discarded last minute.

In 2015, Marlon Wayans (Marcus / Tiffany) posted, on his Instagram, a supposed poster of a sequel, saying that if you exceeded the mark of 300,000 likes, a new movie – White Girls 2 – it could happen, but today, the post has almost 500,000 likes and, since then, nothing official has been said.

White Girls 2 - will it happen or not?  |  Photo: Reproduction.

The strongest recent rumor came in July 2019, when Terry Crews went on the show Andy Cohen and he said yes, there was a continuation of the feature.

Wants to know? I met with Shaun Wayans and he confirmed to me that production has started and that the sequel is going on. The film turns 15 this month… I’ve been keeping myself in shape for 15 years for this film.

Terry Crews on Andy Cohen’s show

However, in August, Marlon Wayans already denied his colleague, claiming that all the actors agreed to continue the story, but that they were yet to close a contract with a studio and that the pending issue was the production money.

Terry Crews is lying; we all want to do a sequel, but it depends on the studio. If they get the budget, I think the film would make a lot more money worldwide than the first one, but it needs money to do it.

Marlon Wayans

The White Girls was not a film well received by the specialized critic, competing for 5 Golden Raspberries, in the categories of,,, (Wayans brothers, like Tiffany and Brittany) and (again with Wayans brothers, like Kevin and Marcus). On Rotten Tomatoes, the comedy is classified as “stupid, silly and obvious”, with an overall rating of 3.7 / 10.

So don’t lose hope. White Girls 2 it may still happen one day, but, for now, there is nothing official or anything concrete. What we have left, besides cheering, is to wait.