What is the movie ‘100 Years – A Film You Will Never See’?

What is the movie ‘100 Years – A Film You Will Never See’?

In 2015, a very different film was announced. This is because it will not be seen by most people alive today, since its debut will take place on November 18… 2115!

Directed by Robert Rodríguez () and starring and written by John Malkovich (), it does not have any concrete synopsis, but it is believed that, due to the releases, there will be action and a “futuristic” theme (of course). In addition, they have three themes: “Retro”, “Nature” and “Future”.

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The Cognac and the Safe

It may seem strange, but the whole film revolves around a very special product: cognac from 1915. Louis XIII cognac is a drink that, to be properly consumed, needs 100 years. Thus, the film follows the 2015 vintage of Louis XIII.


For the sake of the moviegoers of the future, there is little guarantee that the film will not be leaked. This is because it is very well kept in a special, high-tech safe, made up of bulletproof glass. In addition, the safe was programmed to open automatically on November 18, 2115.

Pharrell Williams

The musician Pharrell Williams, responsible for such hits, and other great compositions, will have his music released together with the film by Robert Rodríguez and, like the cinematographic work, is locked in a safe. The song was recorded in 2017, two years after the film’s announcement. Soon, it will be launched in 2117.

However, the official of the release of the song that, like the film, will be called, may simply disappear. That’s because, according to, the Williams song will disintegrate if we don’t take care of planet Earth.

The only copy of the song is present on a clay vinyl, made from the soil taken directly from the Louis XIII winery in Konya, Turkey.

“The music is locked in a safe vulnerable to water. If we continue with pollution and the destruction of nature, the clay vinyl will be disintegrated ”, says the video with Pharrell Williams.