What is the importance of the diversity of characters in literary works?

What is the importance of the diversity of characters in literary works?

In the field of literary works, the influence on the reader is of great importance for the attention of a remarkable reading, aiming to reach the maximum public attention. Thus, the diversity is the basis for composing greater interaction with the public for presenting characters that resemble, in micro or macro, with the receiver of the work.

Em, by Aluísio de Azevedo, published in the 19th century of a naturalistic nature, shows a range of characters in the classic Brazilian work, which explores the richness of diversity of the characters in and outside the tenement.

Thus, several social guidelines can be reflected in this literature, such as racism, machismo and prostitution, which refer to the unfortunate reality of the time and which are still mirrored in the 21st century.

The tenement

Importance of representativeness in the literature

In addition, the issue of representativeness in the literature brings an important burden for the identification of the reader with the characters and strengthening the details of the subjects of the work, as their reactions to situations and feelings, establishes a bond with the receiver, who will have the opportunity to reflect more on the highlighted characteristics for the characters and knowledge acquired from the literature.

In addition, there is also the exploration of different points of view, which have a role of greater inclusion in the work, this diversity of opinions exposes opportunities that literature can address in the decisions of the characters and give a new vision and trigger for the attention of the readers on the plot’s path.

Furthermore, the relevance of the plurality of subjects in a work teaches us a variety of moral values, which contain the power to change the reader’s perspective and assign knowledge without at least having experienced situations similar to those mentioned in the story.

With that, one should not ignore the inspiration that such characters provide for those who read the work, not only in heroes of a fiction, but also in a simple supporting role.

In view of the benefits attributed to diversity of characters, the reality of the Brazilian population brings an intriguing fact that, according to the newspaper, in 2018, the PNAD presents about 11.3 million illiterates over 15 years of age.

Thus, with this statistic, how would Brazilians recognize the wealth of their literary works national and international? How would you be able to enjoy the advantages and understand the importance of the diversity of the characters in these literatures, what can you do, of the diversity of your self, the great “check” of the work?