What are the Fanfics that have become literary and cinematographic works?

famous fanfics

Movies, books, plays. Different types of arts are often created in the same way, through Fanficsrather, fan fictions. Today, it brought some indications of films and books that emerged from these fictions:

Movies and books that emerged from Fanfics

1., Anna Todd

famous fanfics

In the case of this work, there is the book and also the film. Both are top sellers and have thousands of fans around the world.

Initially, it was a Fanfic, published on, by the boyband One Direction. The main character was one of the members, Harry Styles, and the other members were characters who lived around him.

One year after its release as a Fanfic, its adaptation to a book is made, the members’ names are changed, but they remain similar, like Hardin Scott, who replaces the name of the main character. The book became one and 5 more books in the series were released. Only in 2019, the first film was released that shook fans of both the boyband, the fans of Fanfic and the book.

2., EL James

Fifty Shades is a Twilight fanfic

That’s right, the book series emerged as a fan fiction. To improve the fact, the series was a Fanfic of.

Now that you know, you can even compare Anastasia to Bella, right? And Christian then, he has a lot of Edward in his personality and life.

3., Willian Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet was a fanfic

Many cannot even imagine, but yes, the very famous work of Shakespeare is, in fact, a Fanfic of the poem, by Arthur Brook, 1582.

This is not a great cinematographic work, although there are versions, but a great theatrical spectacle, there is no more acclaimed play than this, nor a love story that is more revered and parodied worldwide.

4., Cassandra Clare

Harry Potter fanfics

There are those who do not even know this work, but it is also a literary and cinematographic success, the story created by Cassandra Clare emerged as a fan fiction of – amazingly! – most famous saga by JK Rowlling,. Who knows both, the saga that was the inspiration and, manages to make very clear comparisons between the works.

These are just some of the many famous works that have emerged as fan fictions, but for today, these are the only ones that I will present. Google the theme and find Fanfics of your favorite works, or even of your idols, surely this is the entrance to a world without return.