Weedcraft Inc receives sandbox mode with the “Freedom” update

Weedcraft Inc receives sandbox mode with the “Freedom” update

Weedcraft Inc, the most current and in-depth tycoon game about the modern American cannabis industry gets even better with the update “Freedom“. The new update offers what players were asking for: a rich and highly customizable sandbox mode. It also brings a way Chill easier, new songs and various additions and minor fixes, all in one great gift from a DLC.

The “Freedom” update contains the following news:

Sandbox mode – configure a personalized game, adapted to your preferences. Choose any city to start your business, including 3 new ones!New Options – define difficulty, amount of money and available advantagesCustomize Your Character – choose between old and new portraits, including two special guestsLeaderboardChill mode – an easier and more relaxed way to play, in which you can switch to one of the regular scenarios or to sandbox mode.Soundtrack Update – 3 new music tracksNew History Events – in addition to many other additions and minor corrections

The game Weedcraft Inc explores the cannabis production, breeding and selling businesses in America, deepening the financial, political and cultural aspects of the country’s complex relationship with this controversial and promising plant.