“We want to get married before”, reveals former BBB Mari Gonzalez about having children

Mari Gonzalez

In the program DizLike, by Jovem Pan Entretenimento, the former BBB20 participant, Mari Gonzalez talked to presenter Júlio Beltrão about his participation in the future program and plan for the coming months.

Mari Gonzalez

Mari Gonzalez talks about having children in

Mari, next to Jonas, revealed that they both want to have children and dream of becoming parents. The woman from Bahia had already said that she would like to marry her current partner, a fact that went viral at the time.

We are training a lot for this, but we want to get married first, we have a few steps before having the long awaited baby Mahamudra.

The couple joked.

Mari says that she is very proud of her trajectory in the program and that it was a transformative experience for, which today already accumulates more than 10 million followers on Instagram.

I may have sinned not to play so much and I regret not having expressed myself more in some situations.

It adds.

Asked about future plans, Mari revealed that she is investing heavily in her YouTube channel, which had been out for over a year.

The channel will not deal with just one topic, but they will be more serious topics, for sure. I need not stop being Mari who trains, to be Mari who posts content. I can be a little bit of everything.

Finally, the presenter referred to future proposals from broadcasters and whether the Bahian woman would prefer to act or present.

I am always open to new proposals. So, if there is an opportunity, I will accept, yes, that’s why I decided to go to the BBB.