WB Games announces LEGO Star Wars Battles mobile game

WB Games announces LEGO Star Wars Battles mobile game

THE Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, The LEGO Group and the Lucasfilm announce LEGO Star Wars Battles, a new strategy and action game developed specifically for mobile devices that combines characters, vehicles and locations in the franchise LEGO Star Wars with multiplayer battles one on one in real time.

Developed by TT Games Brighton and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the Playdemic, LEGO Star Wars Battles allows players to mix and match characters and vehicles from the universe of Star Wars, building a deck of forces on the light or dark side to fight in competitive matches. With intuitive touch controls, players deploy troops and build LEGO towers on the battlefield to defend and capture territory while trying to destroy their opponents’ base.

We are very proud to expand the franchise’s legacy with LEGO Star Wars Battles, a new experience imagined and created from the beginning exclusively for mobile devices“, said Jason Avent, head of studio for TT Games Brighton. “We hope players will enjoy this unique combination of LEGO Star Wars with a deck-building strategy and capturing territories by building towers“.

For over 15 years, LEGO Star Wars games have offered a unique vision of the saga universe, delighting fans around the world“, said Douglas Reilly, vice president of Lucasfilm Games. “We are excited to bring new experiences to the public with LEGO Star Wars Battles, which presents new ways to play in a very distant galaxy built under the LEGO lens“.

LEGO Star Wars Battles brings all the action and engaging charm of LEGO games to the growing audience of mobile gamers“Said Sean McEvoy, vice president of digital games for the LEGO Group. “The ease of just picking up and playing anytime, anywhere and the fun and fast LEGO style is perfect for new and veteran players“.

With content from all nine films in the main saga, in addition to Star Wars: Clone Wars and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, players can collect iconic heroes and villains such as Luke Skywalker, Rey, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett and Darth Vader, along with characters such as Porgs, Stormtroopers, Battle Droids and a variety of vehicles such as AT-ATs, TIE bombers and even Millennium Falcon. As players progress and level up, they will unlock different arenas based on familiar locations in the franchise, including Scarif, Naboo, Hoth, Endor, Geonosis and more.

THE LEGO Star Wars Battles will arrive free in 2020 at App Store and to Google Play Store.