Was the ending of ‘Um Amor, Mil Casamentos’ the best solution?

Was the ending of ‘Um Amor, Mil Casamentos’ the best solution?

was released on April 10 on Netflix. The film is based on the 2012 French romantic comedy.

In it, Jack (Sam Claflin) has a possible romance at the party of his sister Hayley (Eleanor Tomlinson) and has to deal with several confusions with an ex-girlfriend, his best friend and an intruder at the party: his sister Marc’s ex-boyfriend (Jack Farthing).

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This article contains spoilers for the film Um Amor, Mil Casamentos.

The bride asks her brother to put a sedative in his ex’s drink, to make him sleep before he does something stupid. However, the plan ends up failing, after someone else drinks, turning his wedding party into a mess and having his secret of “betrayal” revealed by the penetrator.

The first phase of the film does not end very well, so the map of the guest table is changed, causing new stories to appear in various possibilities of the present.

Was the end of the film the best solution?

The film has its charisma and manages to find the humor. But here comes the question: does the Final presented was the best solution?

On the one hand, we concluded that yes, since we saw a new couple forming, people getting along, nobody getting hurt and, of course, Marc’s attitude not to reveal the secret, prevented the whole disaster from happening. On the other hand, we left the movie with a lot of doubts about what would really happen after that party. Would Hayley be honest with her husband about what she did? Would he forgive her?

In addition to presenting not only the protagonist’s romance with Dina (Olivia Munn) more superficial, as they only had more interaction at the end of the film, but also the plot as it did not delve into the characters. In the end it is a comedy, but not that romantic.