WarnerMedia’s streaming service, HBO Max, will arrive in Latin America, except in Brazil!

WarnerMedia's streaming service, HBO Max, will arrive in Latin America, except in Brazil!

One of the big bets of WarnerMedia in the stream war, it won a new and curious chapter.

In a statement today (25), WarnerMedia announced the launch of its streaming service, the HBO Max, “in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and the Caribbean“.

Thus, Brazil will be excluded, at first, from the launch of the platform.

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The launch of HBO Max in the region will be due to the fact that WarnerMedia has reached an agreement to buy Ole Communications’ minority stake in HBO Ole Partners, a joint venture between WarnerMedia and Ole Communications. When the transaction is completed, WarnerMedia will own 100% of all HBO, MAX, Cinemax and HBO Go services in Latin America.

The ownership structure of HBO Brasil Partners, another joint venture among the companies that operates HBO in Brazil, it will not be affected at the moment, that is, the decision to launch the HBOMax platform will need to go through this other company.

“We have the option to acquire business in Brazil, but we will not do that at the moment. As we said, additional direct investment in Brazil is not currently attractive to us due to the regulatory uncertainty that exists in the country. We support and remain optimistic about the ongoing efforts to change the SeAC law in order to ensure that the media sector has a clear and predictable regulatory framework that promotes investment and innovation ”. Affirms Gerhard Zeiler, Chief Revenue Officer of WarnerMedia and President of WarnerMedia International Networks.

The executive completes “The acquisition will allow us to take local versions of our next streaming service in the United States, HBO Max, to consumers in Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

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The platform should arrive in 2020 in the USA, without a launch date in Latin America, and in Brazil, announced.