Warner Channel starts recording the Terminators

Warner Channel starts recording the Terminators

Recordings of Exterminators from Beyond, an original series from Warner Channel produced by Club Movies, with the direction of Fabricio Bittar, executive production of Julia Carlucci and script of Danilo Gentili. In the main cast are Danilo Gentili (Jack), Leo Lins (Fred), Murilo Couto (Túlio) and there are special participations such as Keila Bueno, Miguel Nader, Diogo Portugal among others.

Composed of 10 episodes of 30 minutes, the fiction series presents in a fun way the trio of youtubers formed by Jack, Túlio and Fred. At first, they were a group of picks who didn’t even believe in ghosts, but after exterminating the Blondie from the Bathroom, they gained national repercussion and started to be sought to solve the strangest supernatural cases that haunt the country. Increasingly, people talk about them and call on them to solve amazing mysteries.

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With each episode the group will have a new mission – with the most varied difficulties – to exterminate ghosts, monsters, and demons in completely different scenarios, to prove that the forces of evil can be powerful, but nothing beats stupidity.

Exterminators from Beyond is scheduled to debut in 2020 at Warner Channel.