Warner Bros., SBT and Panorâmica announce the start of filming of The Adventures of Poliana – The Movie

Warner Bros., SBT and Panorâmica announce the start of filming of The Adventures of Poliana - The Movie

In January next year, filming of the new national feature produced by Panoramic in co-production with SBT and distribution of Warner Bros. Pictures: The Adventures of Poliana – The Movie. The film is based on the classic children’s literature Pollyana and in the adaptation of the highly successful children’s novel and the same name as SBT.

With direction AndrĂ© Pellenz, director of films My mother is a piece and The Blue Building Detectives, script Iris Abravanel, author of children’s soap operas Accomplices of a Regatta, Angel’s face, Chiquititas and Carousel, and his team Carlos Marques, Fany Higuera, Grace Iwashita, Marcela Arantes and Rita Valente and script consulting for Bruno Garotti, director and script consultant for the films All for a Pop Star and Cinderella Pop, The Adventures of Poliana – The Movie bring the actress Sophia Valverde reliving his role in the soap opera as Poliana, as well as his fellow cast members.

In the story, the main character is a girl who goes to live with her bitter aunt after losing her parents. Even in times of difficulty, Poliana sees life positively by applying the “game of the happy”, which she had learned from her father and consists in trying to extract something good and positive in everything, even in the apparently most unpleasant things.

The cast of the film also has João Guilherme, Bela Fernandes, João Barros, Duda Pimenta, Bia Lanutti, Lucas Burgatti, Enzo Krieger, Pietra Quintela, Lawrran Couto, Isabella Moreira, Otávio Martins, Thaís Melchior, Dalton Vigh, among others.

“We are very happy to work with Panorâmica and SBT on a product that is so successful on Brazilian TV. We believe that the film will connect with the general public in the country and reflect Warner Bros. new positioning. Pictures in relation to national films, acting with strong potential box office titles and establishing strategic partnerships with TV channels“, Declares Hérnan Viviano, general manager of Warner Bros. Pictures in Brazil.

The Director of Local Productions at Warner Bros. Pictures, Rodrigo Guimarães, he adds: “The film is part of a soap opera that in 95% of the 2019 screenings was in second place for the audience and its cast, together with SBT, has almost 80 million followers on social media. Therefore, we will work on a very strong intellectual property with great communication capacity“.

The author and screenwriter Íris Abravanel states: “This is the first time that I write for the cinema and I feel very honored with this opportunity. The novel is being a success and it is very good to be able to continue writing for children and young people and the whole family“.

The producer Mara Lobão complements: “For Panorâmica it is very important to continue investing in the cinematographic market for children and teenagers. We strongly believe in the project and its potential to reach a large audience“.

The Adventures of Poliana – The Movie has no release date yet.