Voice actress of Ahsoka Tano talks about the future of the character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Voiceover of Ahsoka Tano talks about the future of the character in The Clone Wars

Voiceover of Ahsoka Tano talks about the future of the character in The Clone Wars
Photo: Disclosure / Lucasfilm

Ashley Eckstein, which voice company to Ahsoka Tano, from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, gave an exclusive interview to Comic Book recently, in which he revealed some information about the future of his character in animation and the future of the franchise.

She says:

Well, the eight episodes you’ll see will be very important and the first four are really essential to Ahsoka’s overall storyline, because it’s the first time we’ve really seen her out of her element. I mean, she just got away from everything she knew and all she knew was the Jedi Way; all he knew was what he learned at the Jedi temple. [Mestre Jedi] Plo Koon found her at such a young age and all she knew was what they taught her. So now she is alone and has seen how other people live and getting a different perspective.

I read a lot of comments from people online and they will like these four episodes, sure, but they can’t wait to get to the Siege of Mandalore. But I will tell you that these four episodes are very important because [Ahsoka] have to go through this before she can jump into the siege of Mandalore, we need to see that part of her journey. And I said that for fans at the beginning of the first season of Clone Wars – in the beginning, people felt that she was naughty and annoying and very annoying and how dare she say all those things. We were always one season ahead [em produção] of what the fans were seeing, so I knew how much it evolved season by season. And then I asked the fans for patience and asked them to follow this journey with her because no character is perfect from the start and, if they were, they wouldn’t be so interesting.

The voice actress also tells about what it is like to return to the last season of the animated series after her performance in Star Wars: Rebels:

I have to say that it was great to go back to Ashoka in The Clone Wars; that’s where I spent the most time with Ahsoka. And it wasn’t really super easy at first because it took a while for me to find Ashoka’s voice in Rebels, since she was much older and her attitude was different. She was much more like Obi-Wan, she was less like a sneaky Padawan and more like a quiet leader, so it took me a while to get into Ashoka on Rebels.

And after I mastered that sound in Rebels, it was like, “ok, forget everything you learned and go back to Ashoka in Clone Wars”. Then it took a while to return to a younger Ahsoka. But the Ahsoka of this final season is like the middle ground between the Ahsoka we know in Clone Wars and the Ahsoka we know in Rebels, and it felt so good to come back and finish those episodes.

The seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been airing on Disney + since February 2020.

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