‘Victorious’: 10 years later, where the protagonists are

‘Victorious’: 10 years later, where the protagonists are

10 years ago, on March 27, 2010, the first episode of the children’s series was aired , in the United States. The series, during the four seasons it aired with, was the flagship of the American broadcaster Nickelodeon.

The plot written and directed by Dan Schneider, creator of other hits from the same broadcaster as, and, was a milestone of his generation. There were several artistic revelations from the main cast of the series. Some achieved worldwide success, while others went their own way out of the spotlight, got married and (amazingly) some are already parents.

So, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the debut of, we went after the protagonists and look what we found out.

victorius bright victory

Victoria Justice

victoria justice from victorious

The American actress and singer who played the character Tori Vega, today, is 27 years old and she tried, but her musical career did not emerge. With results below expectations on the charts, he went on to the movies and TV.

He participated in several known works such as the films (2013), (2015) and the TV series (MTV, 2015). With a contract with Fox, he recently participated in a remake of, which aired last year.

Super active on Instagram she published that she is acting together with Matthew Daddario in an independent film production that does not yet have a date to debut.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

What about this woman? He simply left the screens to shine on the charts. The person responsible for giving life to Cat Valentine is, today, one of the most successful singers in the pop medium, all with just 26 years old.

Her most recent album (2019) was nominated for ‘Album of the Year’ at the 62nd edition of the Grammy. However, she also did several jobs as an actress after the series, such as Victorious and iCarly, (Nickelodeon, 2013-2014), (Fox, 2015) and the TV special (NBC, 2016).

Elizabeth Gillies

elizabeth gillies dynasty

Everyone who watched the series hoped the Cabbie couple (Cat and Robbie) would work. However, it seems that Matt Bennett, actor who played Robbie, decided to date Liz Gillies, actress who played Jade. They don’t talk about the relationship they have, but the marriage proposal photo has already been released.

But it was not only his love life that prospered afterwards, Liz, today, at the height of her 26 years, also made small appearances in several series such as (USA Network, 2009-2014) and (TV Land, 2011-2015).

In addition he was part of the fixed cast of (FX, 2015-2016) and more recently in the remake of (The CW, 2017-currently).

Matt Bennett

where are the characters of victorious today

As already said, our eternal Robbie lives an affair with Liz Gillies. The actor, now 28, has a long list of works in the art world, with two appearances in clips of his friend Ariana Grande, (2014) and (2019).

In cinema, he participated in (2011). On the small screens, he made special appearances in (2007-2019) and (2005-currently). In addition to having released in 2012 an EP called.

Daniella Monet

victorious characters

Who doesn’t remember Trina? Actress Daniella Monet, now 31, is married. Vegan since the time of the series, she has a YouTube channel where she talks about healthy eating, travel and more recently about the adventure of being a mother. That’s it, mom.

Parallel to the channel, she performed in some works for TV and cinema such as the film (2012) and the series (ABC Family, 2016-2017). In addition, he presented the program between 2016 and 2018 at Nickelodeon.

Avan Jogia

victorious beck

The crush of everyone who watched. The actor who played Beck is now 28 years old. The Canadian actor’s work precedes the series, he had already worked with Victoria Justice in (2009), from where he developed a friendship with his co-worker. In a special episode, Victoria said Avan was her best friend.

As soon as he left Nickelodeon, he signed a contract with ABC, where he played Danny Desai in the series (2013-2014). In addition, he was part of the cast of other series such as (Spike, 2019) and (Starz, 2019).

In cinema, he participated in films such as (2016), in which he acted again with Victoria, (2017) and (2019).

Leon Thomas III

victorious cast

Like colleague Ariana Grande, the actor responsible for André’s role, he focused on his musical career. Being, even, one of the co-authors of songs, like, of the debut album of the fellow singer. He also released a solo EP titled 2018.

In addition to his musical career, the actor was part of the cast of films such as (2014) and (2015). On the small screens, he acted in series such as (USA Network, 2014-2015) and (AMC, 2015-currently).