Venom is not doing so well in criticism

Venom is not doing so well in criticism

Yes, the arrival of Venom in theaters has not been very warm: although one of the most anticipated films of the year, the criticisms regarding the feature that debuted this week were not at all friendly. Below, see the translation of three, taken from international media portals:

Owen Gleiberman, Variety:

“In the end, the character, in his Vader-with-attitude mode, mumbles some vaguely amusing and irritated things. (You realize that he is a new breed of snark beast around time he drops a certain word starting with “p”.) But I say that all TV commercials for “Venom” featured this fully formed creature, and it is so long the movie before Venom is completely alive as the character that the commercials represent a kind of spoiler. And it is not difficult to see why they are designed this way. Venom could have been a fun creation, but the film spends a lot of time watching it … originate. The movie ‘Venom’ really wants to be is the sequel. “

Justin Chang of the LA Times

“’Venom’ never fully embraces or maximizes the exuberant evil of its premise. This is an example in which a story that should have been insensibly dark seems to be damaged, or even disinfected, by its PG-13 rating, and also by the normal imperatives of the Hollywood franchise. Over time, of course, Eddie and Venom will eventually become a functional comedian duo, with Eddie participating in Venom’s extraordinary abilities while bringing those pesky deadly impulses under submission. “

Katie Walsh of the Chicago Tribune

“Did the superhero fatigue take you down? Tired of the same old and tasteless offers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? A dose of “Venom” could be the right antidote. This dark and crazy MCU-associated tour combines one of the most interesting contemporary men with a daring director who has a history of success and failure. Throw a strange alien organism into the mix, shake it up with a healthy dose of irreverent humor and you get ‘Venom’. It’s a mess, but wow, it’s a fun and fascinating mess. These are always much more exciting than any of the superhero films that parade through multiplexes throughout the year. “

Venom is not doing so well in criticism

As can be seen in the image above, taken from Rotten Tomatoses, only 31% of the specialized critics approved the feature. In contradiction, the same image also shows an 88% approval rate from the general public. So it is still worth going to the cinemas and checking with your own eyes whether the film is good or not.

Remember the trailer subtitled below:

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