Vanessa da Mata releases album When We Leave Our Kisses at the Corner

Vanessa da Mata releases album When We Leave Our Kisses at the Corner

What is a hit? Certainly, a song that doesn’t come out of your head for hours, maybe an entire day. Pursuing this idea and fulfilling that idea is the dream of every singer and composer, but the music goddess only grants this charm to a few. Vanessa da Mata she is an artist contemplated with this light. On the radio, on the tracks, in the audience, his songs are sung like true Brazilian pop hymns.

Initially blessed by Chico César and Maria Bethânia, Vanessa continues to make the perfect bridge between regionalism, urban life and more than ever love. “When We Leave Our Kisses on the Corner“, Seventh studio album, continues his poetic findings and intuitive melodies. Yes, because Vanessa da Mata’s songs are not born on the guitar or piano, they do not happen in the studio. They come to mind in the cafes of the world, his favorite place to sketch letters, invent harmonies.

Certainly, it is her most authorial album as a whole because Vanessa ventured for the first time as a music producer, proposing arrangements directly to the musicians, creating the sound dynamics of the album such as voice capture, mixing, accentuating or reducing the intentions of the instruments in function of each song.

The freedom to create and recreate was total.

Our drawings come closer. Macaws, trees, animals, men, the planet. The story of all of us, all fighting for the survival of their own feelings on a daily basis. My record deals with that, with light songs and short lyrics. Romantic pop, Brazilianness, song, Californian reggae, dancing rhythms. I made a point of joining them without distinction. Intellectual and popular“, Defines Vanessa.

The first single released, the sunny “Just you and me”, already set the tone for what the record would be in its entirety: a collection of stories about life and love. Vanessa is an artisan poet dedicated to these subjects. It is a delight as a listener to extract isolated phrases from his songs and compulsively send them to our loved ones. They are true minutes of wisdom that lead us to date, marry, continue or sadly end:

In this doggy world of so much evil, you are a gift that I cannot miss. (“Just you and me“)

Our generation kills the different. They standardize fruits, flowers and people (“Our Generation“)

In this dizzy world that keeps on going, I see so many desperate people creating stories, creating people, creating passions, fear of loneliness (“Go with God“)

Prey I don’t smile, prey I don’t like it, prey I don’t give myself up, prey I don’t live. Those who are released do not need additives (“Dance A Reggae With Me“)

The participation of Baco Exú do Blues with his incisive singing in the malemolent and African “Have pity on me”Announces the party atmosphere that also invades the album. As “Under Her Skirt”That has on the guitar of David Moraes the reason to remember the delicious sambas of Riachão. Vanessa builds a vigorous letter about passion (“Long eyes waiting for the girl / Boneless body, crooked clothes / Waiting for the girl to turn the corner / Paralyzed, mosquito food“).

When we leave our kisses on the corner“, The title song, sounds exactly like a letter of intent, a lyrics that speaks of religious syncretism, of the lack of good feelings, where the world is really sick, without dialogue, without affection, imposing arrogance on the other, that plagues us, sewing characters and ideas from the other tracks on the disc. It is a reggae combined with pop, a mixture established by the drummer João Barone still in the 80’s and who returns here with all his strength in special participation. Attention to the verses: “It was unintentionally that we brought about well-being. And it gave contagion: kisses escaped cold men, dry women

For me, this is the most beautiful song I’ve ever done. No defects”Confesses Vanessa when quoting the song“Too much for me“, Which really presents a letter in a state of grandeur:

From the profane to the sacred / Between God and below / Passion beyond the feverish state it caused

Hundreds of angels sing / A thousand white roses sprout / The world fills with peace / And I feel God

Vanessa also talks about the process of maturing as a mother in “O World To Felipe“, Lullaby in the form of a song for his 18 year old son composed with Liminha who also appears as a partner in the accelerated pedal range “Kneel and Pray“.

One of the most exciting and unexpected tracks on the disc is “Today I know”Composed with the Swedish singer, composer and musician Jonas Myrin. International connection that has the vitality to repeat the success of another meeting between Vanessa and the world: “Good luck” beside Ben Harper.

When We Leave Our Kisses on the Corner”Is an album that may seem like a big comeback from Vanessa da Mata but in fact it is a continuation in a state of grace.

I cleaned my old road. I changed my old ways. I did the cleaning for you to enter”.