Vampirella returns revamped in the comics

Vampirella retorna repaginada nos quadrinhos

Dynamite Entertainment announced the launch of a Vampirella magazine. The publisher decided to debut the new magazine, giving a new look to the character, considered one of the sexiest in comics.

The publication will feature screenplays by Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) and art by Jimmy Broxton (Saucer Country). The first edition will arrive in American comics shops in February this year and will be sold for a promotional price of US $ 0.25.

The new version of the character aims to attract more female audiences, mixing the gothic aspect with science fiction. The publisher released the first cover of the publication, check out:


After acquiring the rights to the character in 2010, Vampirella won some curious crossovers in the comics. The most recent was with Alien, the result of a partnership with the publisher Dark Horse Comics. The story took place on Mars, after a mission to recognize human beings on the Planet. Vampirella was called to save the survivors who were threatened by the Aliens. Vampirella / Alien featured scripts by Corina Bechko and art by Javiver Garcia-Mirada.

Vampirella made his first appearance in his own magazine in September 1969. His publishing rights already belonged to three American publishers, Warren Publishing (1969 and 1983), Harris Publications (1991 and 2010) and by Dynamite Entertainment, which acquired its rights in 2010 and remains publishing stories of the character since then.

In Brazil, the character’s publications are made by Mythos Editora.