Understand the reasons why Pocophone will emancipate from Xiaomi

Entenda as razões pelas quais a Pocophone se emancipará da Xiaomi

Created by Xiaomi in 2018, Well, the sub-brand behind the popular Pocophone F1, becomes independent.

Analysts have been wondering for months about the future of POCO, the sub-brand created by Xiaomi in 2018 and behind the popular Pocophone F1 smartphone. The Chinese manufacturer recently ended the suspense: POCO will break free from Xiaomi and become a brand in its own right. Manu Kumar Jain, vice president of Xiaomi, confirmed this change of status in the Twitter.

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The reason for this development is probably marketing. In fact, with the Pocophone F1, the brand should bring Xiaomi to the “flagship-killers“, Smartphones with aggressive quality and price relations. Xiaomi only offered low- or medium-cost smartphones.

Since then, with devices like the Redmi K20 Pro, Xiaomi gradually emancipated itself from its conceptual brand POCO. According to an expert interviewed by the website TechCrunch, the Chinese manufacturer’s idea is to attach flags 4G relatively low cost to the POCO label. In parallel, the different versions Mi will allow Xiaomi to focus more on the new market 5G. At the moment, Xiaomi has not provided information on the structure and management of this new model.