Understand the fox’s participation in the second season of Anne with an E

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Warning: contains spoilers for the second season of Anne With an E.

Based on the Canadian classic Anne of Green Gables, Netflix, in partnership with Canada, premiered last month the second season of the series Anne With an E, although some differences with the original material.

A special character was added with a very poetic participation, but that few understood. Moira Walley-Beckett, the head behind the series, explains the charismatic fox to IndieWire.

For that, we need to remember Anne’s past, who suffered abuse, bullying and lived alone, without friends, except for animals and plants with whom she talked. Already with the Cuthbert brothers, Anne has the company of a horse in the first season, which needs to be sold, and in the second season, she gains the friendship of a wild fox she meets near the secret hideout she shares with her friends.

“Oh my god, what a challenge, but I was determined [a ter uma raposa]. That fox was the bane of my producers’ existence. It was a wild animal that we were training to do that. Riggs. I don’t know why that is his name, but that is his name “, says Walley-Beckett.

“He is a kind of spiritual animal and I really consider them as similar beings, to bring their connection to nature, to perceive it in a way that is familiar. She could use it as a sounding board from time to time, just to crystallize your thoughts or share your thoughts “, he continues.

“She [compadece-se] with the fox at a certain point: Are you also irritated by your hair, the color of your hair?, and they are always alone. The characteristics of a fox are very similar to those of Anne, both are incredibly inquisitive and self-sufficient “, he says in comparison to the eccentric characters.

In addition to being friends with Anne, the fox has its own storyline, where it appears to terrorize the local chickens, which makes Billy Andrews (Christian Martyn) and Matthew (RH Thomson) want to kill him, and this affects the protagonist. Knowing the danger of the animal, Anne, who was already going through a stressful moment, has some emotional outbreaks and tries to save him anyway.

In this regard, the boss also comments: “I really wanted to introduce you this season, judiciously, and then put you in danger, and have a bow for your character too,” she said, although she still doesn’t know what the new one will be. course of ramosa in the third season. “It can be cool if the fox falls in love,” adds Walley-Beckett.

However, its producers have yet to comment on the confirmation of the third season: although the second one was already released on Netflix on July 6, 2018, it will take a few more months to debut on CBC, its original Canadian broadcaster that shares the rights with the streaming service.

Before September 23, the date when the first episode will air on television, we will hardly know about the renewal of the program, but its lead actress, Amybeth McNulty, recently commented on a live via Instagram that the future of the series depends on the fans. Read more about it and learn how to help.

Review the trailer for the second season:

In the 19th century, the orphan Anne was sent by mistake to a couple who actually wanted to adopt a baby boy. But the girl proves at all costs that her new parents can be happy with her. At school, Anne suffers prejudice because of her past and shows her values ​​there.

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