Understand the family and financial drama that Stan Lee goes through

Understand the family and financial drama that Stan Lee goes through

Creator of many Marvel superheroes, Stan Lee is in need of one of them to appear to save him. The Hollywood Reporter had access to a statement allegedly signed by the writer in which he accused his daughter and people close to her of trying to appropriate her money and property.

The document, signed on February 13 this year at the office of Tom Lallas, his then lawyer, was written after Stan had a serious fight with his daughter, Joan Celia “JC” Lee, at his home.

Stan said that although his 67-year-old daughter is unable to support herself, she can spend up to R $ 136,000 a month on a credit card. For this reason, he and his wife, who died in 2017, had created a fund so that, after her death, she would not be abandoned.

The writer also said that JC constantly asks him to pass money and property from the fund to her name, a wish he always denies because he fears for her future when he is dead.

After this contextualization, Stan Lee said in the document that Jerardo “Jerry” Olivarez, Keya Morgan and Kirk Schenck, his daughter’s lawyers, were manipulating her through relationships in order to take advantage of his money and take control of her properties.

‘Bad men’

Jerardo Olivarez is one of the men Stan Lee had called “bad men” who was trying to manipulate his daughter. He is a publicist who became a consultant to JC and ended up with a judicial power of attorney to represent Stan after Joan’s death. He claims to have received a check for R $ 1 million from the writer as a gift, as well as an apartment worth approximately R $ 2.9 million.

Another of the men cited by Stan is Keya Morgan, a young man close to the writer who would also be interested in his money. The two, in addition to a third Stan Lee employee, Max Anderson, would be in a fight that affects everyone close to the writer. Max, for example, is accused of offering R $ 170,000 to a Stan nurse to make a statement that he was kept at home against his will. Max confirms that he made such a request, but denies that he offered money to the employee.


A few days after signing the document, the Los Angeles police were called to the writer’s home because of a tense fight involving Tom Lallas. After the incident, he was no longer Stan Lee’s lawyer.

From then on, JC and Keya Morgan decreased the writer’s access to people he knew. They hired an accountant and a new lawyer, dismissed the house servants and Mike Kelly, his assistant for 25 years, had reduced contact with him. In addition, your email and phone number have also been exchanged.


After learning that the Hollywood Reporter had access to the statement, Keya Morgan recorded a video in which Stan denies that he signed the document and that its content is “totally incorrect, lying and insulting”.

In addition, daughter JC did not speak out, but her lawyer told the website that she was not manipulating her father, but that a group of men could be manipulating her.

People close to the family said that Stan’s wife Joan was in charge of family decisions and had the best relationship with daughter JC. With her death in 2017 after suffering a stroke, both home management and Stan’s health complicated. In February of this year, he released a video in which he said he was facing pneumonia.

After the case, filmmaker Kevin Smith was touched by the story and opened the doors of his home to Stan Lee: “This is heartbreaking. We love you, Stan Lee. Feel free to come and live with me, or let us fans pay for a new home for you. We missed you”.

This is heartbreaking. We love you, @TheRealStanLee. You are always welcome to come live with me – or please let us fans buy you a new place to live. We miss you, sir. https://t.co/egR7Ijv2pi

– KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) April 10, 2018