Understand how music can have medicinal purposes on certain occasions

Understand how music can have medicinal purposes on certain occasions

The presence of the music since our first years of life, basically everything we do in some way involves it. Although music serves us as great entertainment, what will be the benefits that we gain from listening to it?

How can music have medicinal purposes?

It is common knowledge that music has the power to give us positive or negative feelings. It is able to activate specific parts of our brain and bring us many emotions and memories. For this reason, the University of Drexel, in the United States, carried out a study called “Music interventions for improving psychological and physical outcomes in cancer patients” (Musical interventions to improve physical and psychological results in people with cancer).

According to the researchers, the study has been giving very positive results, such as improving the clinical condition of patients and decreasing the length of hospital stay. The technique used is called Music therapy, which is becoming very popular in healthcare today.

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a technique that uses music as a tool, developed to treat patients using different forms of expression and arts.

The psychotherapist can work on this technique in group or individual sessions, in which each patient will participate and actively accompany singing, dancing or, simply, just listening, but always accompanied by the health professional.

What are its benefits?

Music therapy

Through sounds, we work on important skills, such as body movements, memory and reasoning, in addition to auditory and spatial perception.

Explains the psychopedagogue Junior Cadima, from the Brazilian Institute for the Training of Educators (IBFE / SP).

Although there are still many studies to really understand the potential of music in our health and way of life, Music Therapy has gained a lot of space and has proved to be a very important resource for the fight against psychosomatic diseases, being, therefore, a great advance for the area. of health.